Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mr Wagtail.

I was commissioned this piece by a a lovely lady who spotted me at New Designers! She asked me to create a new compostition for a Nursery, featuring all the little elements she liked best from my collection of hand made wallpapers, artist books, ceramics and silk handerchiefs.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece, getting back into the studio; laser cutting and screen printing was so exciting! I am so pleased that she and her family are enjoying Mr Wagtail in his garden too!


  1. He is simply lovely! Hope everything is going well for you Philippa, the print-room misses you!

  2. aww thank you! i'm loving your blog as well - how exciting to be in print & pattern! I'll definatly get my hands on a copy! i miss the print room too! i even miss the digital printer (!) i miss you and gareth and the other lovely ladies - i hope you are all well and happy chappies! x